Alphabet of Attributes


As we ring in the new year, hope, happiness and optimism fill our hearts. Every new year seems to be filled with opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. Fill yours with your presence when your child is present. Look for the wonderful things your child does and says throughout each of the 365 days this year. As a mom of three grown children, I have learned how so many special moments can be overlooked while dealing with the daily stresses of life. Look for those times when your child is Adventurous, Bright and Cooperative, or Delightful, Expressive, Funny and Grateful. Take close notice when your child is Happy-go-lucky, Innocent, Joyous and Kindhearted. Every child shows pieces of the Alphabet of Attributes throughout each day. Sadly, parents get caught up and tend to focus on all the negative behaviors each day, which can be many. However, there are so many more positive, creative and thoughtful things said and done by children throughout their day which go unnoticed. Read Diana Loomans’ beautiful poem, If I had my child to raise over again, and print out my Alphabet of Attributes to post on your fridge, giving each new day a fresh start filled with opportunity by reading the entire article “Fresh starts and bright new beginnings”. Have a Happy!