Candace Miller’s Perspective ~ Trimorphic

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dunsmuir native Candace Miller is one of three artists, including  Lauri Sturidivant and Brenda Woods participating in TriMorphic: Three Distinctive Perspectives on the Human Condition at Liberty Arts January 18, 2013. Candace is a ceramic artist she’s calling the work she has created exclusively for this show “primate funk sculpture.”

When Miller references Funk Sculpture she is referencing the  California Funk Arts Ceramic Movement. One of the first ceramics movements to be impacted by the counterculture influences of the beat movement and psychedelia using ceramics to challenge conventional thinking. The sixties spawned more than anti-war protests, long hair and flower power. It also impacted all art forms, where rebellion against the status quo manifested new art forms and modes of expression. This movement defined a dynamic period in social, political and artistic upheaval that was influential in the development of contemporary American ceramics.


Artists Reception Friday January 18, 5-7pm

Artists Exposition at 6pm.


Liberty Arts, 108 W Miner St, Yreka 842-0222