Buying Flowers on a Budget

Sydney Alcala

Flowers make for such beautiful gifts, are such a fabulous way of expressing sentiments and are, without a doubt, one of the prettiest decorations for any occasion and venue. From everyday décor to special events such as weddings and parties, flowers are a great way to infuse positivity and spirit into any room.

The only drawback to buying flowers? They can put quite a dent in your wallet. While even a small bouquet of exotic flowers can cost quite a bit, when you plan to buy flowers in bulk, having a tight budget can be quite a challenge. Here are some fantastic tips for buying flowers on a budget.

Stop getting flowers delivered to your doorstep

It’s expensive and you can get the same flowers for much cheaper if you simply make the effort to go and pick them out yourself. Now, unless you’re having them delivered to someone else and cannot take them yourself, or you know a florist who does deliveries for free or gives discounts if you spend a certain amount, buying them in-person always works out much cheaper.

Make your flowers last longer by looking after them better

. You won’t have to repurchase them as often, and will end up saving lots of money and getting more bang for your buck. This is a practice that most flower lovers swear by, because it means you spend much less but you continue to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers in your home for much longer. Place the flowers in tall jars with water that you change every two days. Make sure all the flowers have enough space and aren’t crowded and pressed up against each other. Trim the leaves so that they don’t droop into the water and get decayed and contaminate it. Trim the bottoms of the flower stems at a diagonal angle- this helps the flowers absorb water better and thus keeps them properly hydrated and “fed”.

Only buy in-season flowers

In-season blooms will be easily available, and thus will be priced very reasonably. This won’t be a compromise if you’re buying flowers to decorate your home but if you have your heart set on some exotic bouquet for a special occasion such as your wedding, then remember, you won’t just be paying for the flowers themselves but also for the cost of having them imported, the fuel and transportation charges and so on. It might be something you’ve really wanted for a while now, but do rethink the expenses and the stress you’ll be incurring. A little compromise with your self and some enthusiastic browsing are sure to turn up some equally fabulous options locally too.

Look for discounts

If you insist on going to a fancy florist, you are never going to be able to buy flowers on a budget. Instead, head to supermarket chains because these usually have a flowers section and sell decent bouquets at really reasonable rates. Depending on where you live, street vendors and fresh-flower markets can also be a great source for flowers at discounted rates.

Don’t purchase exotic and expensive flowers, unless it is a very, very special occasion

If you’re putting together your bridal bouquet or gifting flowers to someone for an extremely important event, splurging is justified. But anything less than a milestone event can be made just as beautiful with regular flowers too. You don’t have to buy orchids or calla lilies to decorate your home or for the gesture to be truly meaningful.

Flowers, regardless of variety or rarity, will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. It makes more sense to buy a big bunch of regular flowers than to buy a few pieces of exorbitantly priced blooms.