Let it Be Noted

Rob Meltzer

I thought it a curious coincidence when I heard the tragic news that Aaron Swartz died in New York on Friday night. I had spent a lot of last week thinking about Aaron Swartz on two topics of interest to this blog. First, it was his articles on internet freedom and censorship when I was writing about the portal issue on Learn German–the notion that the federal government is using the threat of regulatory action to force internet portals to bar access to subject and web pages critical of the Obama Regime. I was also relying on his work in trying to free public access information in response to Rick’s piece on the leaded gas farce. Swartz was suffering federal prosecution for trying to move nearly 5,000,000 academic articles to public domain,  a “crime” which Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal said “its like trying to put someone in jail for allegedly checking too many books out of the library.”  Rick can’t find academic articles debunking the leaded gas story because that academic material was not available to him, but Swartz felt that material ought to be in the public domain where it is necessary for reasonable policy debate.  By all accounts, Swartz was the subject of political persecution by the Obama Junta for having the temerity to question the right of the Obama folk to censor the internet. he was being made an example of, what happens when you don’t don’t abide by the government’s concept of what is right and just for the people to know. Swarz hanged himself, hounded to death by Obama’s justice department, an organization that has become the world’s most powerful terrorist organization.