The Voice of Reason


Did you ever try to reason with your child? How well did that work? Are you a yeller or do you use threats to take away toys and privileges? Do you bribe or negotiate with your child? Is punishing and spanking part of your parenting style? If so, has it improved your child’s behavior? Recent clinical research shows that reasoning, bribing, yelling and spanking cannot change any behavior, because none of those actions teach the desired behavior. As parents, we need to teach what we do want, not just try to stop what we don’t want. Research has also been done using multi-sensory communication, or talking with a touch. When you talk with a touch, and say exactly what you want, you will improve almost any behavior because the message has a powerful impact. Stop yelling, get up and go over to your child, talk with a touch and watch what happens. Read the research in From battleground to well behaved and follow the simple-to-implement alternatives which will reach and teach your child. Parent with passion and pride. Parent with a purpose.