New beers from Harpoon, Sixpoint

Norman Miller

Both Harpoon and Sixpoint have announced the releases of new beers.

First up is Harpoon’s latest 100 Barrel Series beer, the Director’s Cut, which they describe as a combination of a pale ale and a stout. Never heard of that, but I’m always willing to give it a try.

Here are all the details:


BOSTON, MA –  Jim Perry and Mark Edwards, one-half of Harpoon’s Board of Directors, knew that being longtime friends with Harpoon’s co-founders Rich and Dan (the other half of the Board) would eventually pay off; they were tapped to develop the 46th session of the 100 Barrel Series, the brewery’s line of limited batch beers. This week the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Directors’ Cut was released.

Brewing, like friendship, involves collaboration. “We had the problem of trying to figure out what style to brew, and we never found a beer we could both agree on,” says Jim.  “I wanted to brew a stout and Mark wanted to brew a pale ale. In the spirit of compromise, we decided that maybe we should try a blend.”

Harpoon Directors’ Cut is a blend of pale ale and stout.  The aroma is a combination of hop from the pale ale with roasted notes and just a hint of smoke from the stout.  The rounded body of the beer starts with sweetness from the caramel malt in the pale ale and finishes with aggressive roasted fullness of the stout.  The finish is crisp and bitter, but with no astringency.  This perfectly blended beer is the marriage of two excellent individual beers coming together to make one phenomenal brew.

“As longtime friends of Rich and Dan, we’ve been involved with Harpoon since the very beginning. This is the first time we have been able to get our hands onto something and really help craft it,” says Mark. “It was fun to taste different styles and mix-and-match. We’re very excited with how it turned out.”

The Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Directors’ Cut is available in 22 oz. bottles with limited draft availability.  A video featuring Jim and Mark talking about the beer can be viewed at

Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Directors’ Cut Beer Specifications:

ABV:    6.3%

IBUs:    41

Next up is the brand new 3Beans, a coffee-chocolate ale inspired by Baltic porters. Since I’m a huge Sixpoint fan, I’m pretty sure I’ll be drinking this as soon as I see it in the store.

Here are all the details:


Release from Sixpoint Brewery Inspired by Baltic Porter Heritage

(January 17, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY) Celtic lore spoke of a land where the beer fell in showers and the music of the gods could be heard. Brewed from beans and barley, this ale was so dark, rich and satisfying that no gathering ever went unthankful. Prepared in cauldrons and consumed from horns, this was truly the drink of the gods.

Centuries later, a towering, all-sating dark ale has been resurrected at Sixpoint. With a silken mouth-feel despite a hefty 10% ABV, 3Beans is the result of myth, tradition and innovation. The collaboration of three New York City companies sincerely committed to their craft brings to you the biggest beer Sixpoint has ever canned.

The first bean sprouts from tradition. Romano beans are included in the mash, their proteins giving extra body to an already rich ale. Northern brewers of yore, short on malting barley due to finite harvest times, have used the hearty beans to supplement their ales for centuries.

Cocoa beans from Mast Brothers Chocolate, the first bean-to-bar chocolate makers in New York City, are the second of the triumvirate. Mast Brothers makes only super dark chocolate with no milk or butter that displays their beans’ uninhibited flavors. Using a specially-made, small-scale cocoa bean winnower, they separate the fatty nib from the outer husk. While these husks are not used in their bars, they are packed with dark chocolate flavors. In the 3Beans mash, loads of the shells are included along with the beans and barley malt, accentuating them with savory chocolate flavors.

The final bean comes from Stumptown Coffee, a company equally committed to showcasing their product’s natural character. Post-fermentation, the beer is blended with Stumptown cold-brewed coffee, a specifically calibrated concoction perfectly intense for the process. The infusion heightens the brew with rich, roasted coffee flavors and presents another layer of complexity.

Finally, 3Beans is aged on toasted American oak which provides woody vanilla notes and further enriches the body. Ancient brewing techniques in concert with innovative methods and the finest products have produced a brew that triangulates the spirit of the Sixpoint Motto: Beer is Culture.

At 10% ABV, 3Beans is a formidable yet velvety beer with an IBU of 85 and a dark-hued presentation of 31 SRM.  3Beans will be available on draft and in 12-ounce cans throughout Sixpoint’s distribution network.