Brenda Woods ~ Trimorphic at Liberty Arts


The current artwork on display at Liberty Arts features three artists Brenda Woods, Candace  Miller and Lauri Sturdivant in a show titled TRIMORPHIC~Three Distinctive Perspectives on the Human Condition. Here are a few words from Brenda Woods of Weed about her process and intentions for the work in the show.

“All of the work I produced for Trimorphic was created in 2012. The diversion back to the pencil with this year’s work was challenging. Because of the choice to stay away from color I felt it imperative that the compositions be intriguing. I wanted not just to look at a woman, but what if you could look through her body and her emotions. What if you could look at that drawing and see the story. This was the drive in my heart. I pushed hard with new concepts and new compositions.

I had the goal of producing twice the amount I wound up with by end of year, but a few distractions took me from the studio. As it turns out though I had plenty. Luckily I was also sharing the space at Liberty Arts Gallery with these two superb ladies. We worked well together. Working singularly and then coming together throughout the year to discuss how we worked and how to share the space. Though the work is so different, I feel it has made an exciting show. The show features the quiet-power compositions of my work, the theatrics and quirks of the oh-so-touchable works of Candice Miller, and the beautifully displayed repetition of Lauri Sturdivant's trash. It's a textural show that invites the viewer to wander a visual maze, and provokes and awakes the senses.”

The artists presented an exposition that was recorded by marketing guru, Nikolas Allen.

Here is Brenda’s presentation: