Boy Scouts in retreat

Rick Holmes

I guess my Sunday editorial was the last straw.  Or maybe the tide began turning last summer, when I joined 3,000 other Eagle Scouts in returning Boy Scouts’ highest award to protest the BSA’s discriminatory policy. Actually, I’m told former defense secretary Bob Gates joined the BSA executive board recently, and, having buried “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for the military, has been quietly lobbying to get rid of its junior version.

In any event, the homophobic dunderheads calling the shots at the national headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America finally seem to be getting the message, “actively considering” a change to the policy it just reconfirmed last summer. What forced the change? All the above, I suspect, and especially the little-publicized demands from parents, Scouts, volunteers and donors within Scouting (including here in MetroWest), expressed respectfully in terms of Scouting’s ideals, and America’s.

Sometimes history crawls; sometimes it moves so fast organizations must move quickly to accommodate it if they are to survive.