Beer of the Month: Samuel Adams New Albion Ale

Norman Miller

Sometimes the story behind the beer trumps the taste of the beer.

That’s the case with the first Beer of the Month for 2013, the Samuel Adams New Albion Ale.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good, solid, easy drinking beer, the kind of beer I like to have in my fridge when I just want something good, if not very complex.

However, just purely based on taste, I had better beers this month, but I don’t think I had a beer with so much history.

The New Albion Ale is a recreation of what many consider the original craft beer created by Jack McAuliffe in the 1970s.

The brewery went out of business in 1982, and this is the first time anyone has ever brewed the beer since. McAuliffe actually worked with Jim Koch to recreate the beer, using the original yeast that has been preserved at the University of California since 1977.

The best part, all proceeds go to McAuliffe.

And, it’s a good beer. It’s an old school pale ale, which makes sense, because this is an old school recipe. It has a solid malt body, a slight hop bitterness and some citrus and flowery notes.

It’s a good beer that most people will like. I recommend picking it up before it’s gone.