Art Galleries in Siskiyou County

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

An art gallery is a place to see art, right? Well, in Siskiyou County galleries are more than a show place for art. They are places where artists are finding creative ways to keep the doors open. If you want to see true arts galleries you’ll need to go to San Francisco and New York City, but we do have wonderful art and artists doing what it takes to keep in business.  It takes money to keep the doors open an the heat going, pay the insurance, taxes, and utilities required to stay in business and in Siskiyou County that means being creative!

The Gallery in Mount Shasta  features a variety of local artwork including oils, acrylic and photographs, also fine crafts including basketry, clothing, jewelry and fine arts.  They have a large framing shop, an espresso machine and sell delicious chocolates.

The Brown Dog Gallery in McCloud is owned by Claudia Ellis. She feature many renowned artists from Mendocino, as well as her own paintings. She has many household items and offer an variety of workshops and  classes.

Liberty Arts in Yreka is a non-profit gallery featuring many contemporary artworks and offers their education program called Exploration Art Education.   This program includes an art projects and is the only venue in Siskiyou County where children and youth are able to have an interactive experience in a gallery setting.

Weed’s River Run Gallery features an eclectic mix of art work local artists and is a working artist studio. They have branched out to include custom sewing, alterations, antique restoration and upholstery to help support themselves and their gallery.

The Marble Rim Gallery in Fort Jones operates as a cooperative established in 1991 because they wanted to have a venue to sell their art in Scott Valley. They feature artists and crafters selling pottery, jewelry, handmade soaps, paintings and photography. They host a May Artisans Street Fair and a successful Christmas Crafts Fair.

By support your local gallery you are supporting local artists  andyou are helping to support arts in this creative county!

Some Additional Siskiyou County Galleries

Siskiyou Arts Council Gallery – Mount Shasta

Tim Corcoran Photography – Mount Shasta

Red Door Gallery – Mount Shasta

Snow Creek Studios – Mount Shasta

Siskiyou Arts Museum and Dunsmuir Gallery –opening soon in Dunsmuir