Day 39: The day it seems hope goes dark


She slipped it into an envelope and through the mail, just on the chance that I’d include poetry in our Lenten project. She wrote how in 2012 a sudden, puzzling illness put her on life support. How her husband was told to prepare for her death. How this poem tells her story, the story of Rosanne Stiehler.

Like Lazarus,

I was breath-less,

bound up for the grave.

Like Lazarus,

my family wept,

four long days.

“Lord, if You would come,

she could still be saved!”

Like Lazarus,

the Lord showed up,

“Come forth!” is what He prayed.

Like Lazarus,

that vital shout

gave me life again.

Today, when all feels dark, He can give us all life again. When the past-due notices come on bills and relationships and old harmful habits, know that it’s not too late to start over. Know that Jesus, He paid it all.

May this holy weekend help make you whole.