Skyelines: Hello April!

Skye Kinkade

This morning as I was attempting to convince Caliber to wear a shirt without a syrup stain on the front for spring picture day, curl Violet's hair for said picture day, find my black shoes and apply makeup so I don't look like the Loch Ness Monster, Gage informed me he needed a bring a check to school for his AAU basketball fees.

Of course, I wrote our last check last week for the delicious delivery of Say Cheese Pizza when I was too lazy to cook myself.

Upon hearing this, Gage came to the conclusion that we would be unable to pay for AAU and therefore his life would be ruined. Amid his dramatic rant which ended with him never, ever coming out of his room for the rest of his life, I tried to explain we could very easily use the other checking account, however, would he mind leaving me alone for five minutes so I could apply a little mascara?

Anyway, after coiffing Violet's hair into some kind of curly creation (which actually made her look somewhat like a pomeranian) and convinced Cal to wear the clean striped shirt with the collar (he enjoys wearing it popped, like Dracula) and made myself as presentable as was going to be possible, I wrote out that check, with Gage hovering overhead to ensure I got it right, I guess.

Date? Can't remember.

Gage provided me with the correct answer: "Mom, it's the fifth."

Okay. March 5.

I handed him the check.

"Mom, wrong date."

"What?" I replied, searching around for my other shoe. "You said it was the fifth."

"Mom, it's not March 5th."

I located my shoe in my cast iron pot sitting in the half open lower kitchen cabinet and slipped it on (Ryder enjoys pretend cooking with footwear. That and his brother's underwear.)

"Gage, I don't have time for this!"

"Mom, it's April. April 5."


When did that happen? I swear yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Then I realized, Tuesday was, in fact, my dear friend Ayumi's birthday. And yes, her birthday is APRIL 2.

Oh well, time to move forward... happy April, everyone ;)