A Need for Fresh Air

Rob Meltzer

A lot of folk in DC, both on the Republican side and the Democrat side, increasingly concerned about the foreign policy failures of the Obama Regime, were hoping that the departure of Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor would lead to a shake up inside a Regime that spends too much time listening to its own echo chamber. But Susan Rice as National Security Advisor? And Samatha Power as Ambassador to the UN? This is not a shake up–this is more of the same. Its clear that Susan Rice could never be confirmed by the Senate, but she has also demonstrated herself to be a weak willed and spineless robot to the Regime, which is not what the Regime needs more of. And maybe someone could tell the Regime, with regard to Power, that Harvard is not the only college in the United States. Funny that a black guy who promised diversity seems so committed to officials who so lack diversity that their names are almost interchangeable. Well, at least Power has a birth certificate proving she was born here.