Raise a flag and raise a patriot!

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

On our country’s birthday this year, I played a patriotic CD with songs such as “You’re a grand old flag”, “America the beautiful”, and many others. I sang along with every word as my daughter marveled. She actually asked how I knew the words to each patriotic song on that CD, and I replied that when I was in kindergarten we learned them all. We pledged to the flag each morning, and chose a meaningful, patriotic song to start off the school day. It is unfortunate that today’s children don’t have the opportunity to learn as much about their country’s heritage in school, as restrictions apply and objections prevail. And so it is up to us, their parents, to teach our children about their forefathers who fought for our rights. It’s not just history that makes us who we are; it is also the joy in how we celebrate, and how we remember. To read more about Fourth of July festivities from long ago to now, read “Celebrate July 4th by teaching the kids to play horseshoes“.