More on the Racist Regime

Rob Meltzer

Had an interesting conversation this morning. A fellow congregant was remarking that even a broken clock is correct twice per day, and, of all weird things, Ann Coulter seems to have stumbled on to something as part of screed called Malarkey. The notion she raises is that when you won’t vote for someone because of his skin color, that makes you a racist. when someone tells you to vote for  him because of his race, that’s racism. History will show that O’Bama had one of the thinnest resumes of any candidate ever elected president, and, all things being equal, there is no way that someone like him would have been elected over John McCain or Mitt Romney. The irony is increasingly being noted by academics that our problem with race has shifted dramatically from being contrary to blacks to being contrary to whites. Obama is clearly the most prominent racist since Bull Connor.