Start a fall garden

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Cooler temperatures and milder sun can spell success for any gardener who takes up the trowel as autumn approaches.

Fall is a great time to get growing your own produce. Favorable conditions mean growing cool-weather crops is comparatively easy, with less watering and care needed for a successful garden.

Some tips to get you started:

- Start with transplants rather than seeds to give you a head start. You'll be able to harvest sooner than if you start from transplants and skip the volatile, sometimes unsuccessful, seed-starting process.

- Choose cool crops that your family likes to eat. Popular, healthy fall favorites include kale, broccoli, cabbage and romaine lettuce.

- Remove any garden debris and weeds before you get planting, and loosen compacted soil. Add a 2-inch layer of bagged compost and spread a balanced fertilizer for added nutrients.

- Consider planting in raised beds or containers. Most vegetables need at least six hours of sun per day, so keep that in mind when determining location.

- Plants will need an inch of moisture per week, either through rain or supplemental watering. When frost threatens, cover plants with floating row cover, cold frame or a cloche.

– Brandpoint