Can marijuana save a child's life?

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New Research

Can marijuana help save a child’s life? Meet Charlotte, the little girl who stopped having debilitating seizures after her mother gave her an oil medicine that was extracted from marijuana low in THC, high in CBD. The 6-year-old walks, talks and can ride a bicycle now, and keeps up with her two doses daily. The strain was named in her honor: Charlotte’s Web.

Number to Know

37,000: At least 37,000 people in the United States have contracted West Nile virus disease since 1999, and of those, more than 16,000 have been seriously ill and more than 1,500 have died. Last year was the largest and most deadly outbreak of WNV since 1999 when it first appeared in New York.


Children's Health

12 percent: Although obesity among low-income preschoolers declined from 2008 through 2011 in 19 of 43 states and territories studied, the CDC reports 12 percent of preschoolers are still obese (about 1 in 8). Children who are overweight or obese as preschoolers are five times as likely as normal-weight children to be overweight or obese as adults.