Boston is losing a good beer writer

Norman Miller

As a person who reads a lot of beer blogs and columns, was saddened when I read that Heather Vandenengel, who writes the Honest Pint for the Dig, is leaving Boston.

I’ve become a fan of her columns over the past couple of years. She did a fantastic job of covering local beer and the local beer scene. My favorite column of hers was a feature on the history of beer in Boston. Click here to read it.  She is one of the few beer writers I sought out on a constant basis. If you haven’t read her columns, go back and take a look at them.

I hope whoever they hire to replace her can fill Vandenengel’s shoes and keep up the good writing.

And I hope, no matter where she ends up (she hasn’t said publicly), she keeps up the beer writing. I also hope that I can finally figure out how to pronounce her name before she leaves.

Good luck Heather and keep on drinking (and writing).