Another Blow for Freedom

Rob Meltzer

And appeals court in Ohio has ruled that the courts may force medical treatment on an amish child over the objections of her parents. Putting a child through unbearable suffering, while stomping on the rights of the parents to protect the child, is apparently in the best interest of the child. Nice job. The immediate reaction from religious communities throughout the United States is that the Court only had jurisdiction of this matter because an Ohio hospital had already begun chemotherapy treatments. If the parents hadn’t sought the initial treatment, then their rights would not have been trampled by the Court. The message? If you have strong feelings about medical care and the limits of that care, don’t visit the hospital in the first place. This is not going to be good for people who will now opt to act entirely outside the medical system rather than risk a vicious assault on their parental role. And its a predictable consequence. You gotta wonder what the courts are thinking.