Beer is good to drink and to read about

Norman Miller

The best thing about beer is obviously drinking the beer, but I also enjoy to read a good book about beer while enjoying my beer of choice.

Lately, it seems like a lot of new beer books are hitting store shelves. In this week’s column, I feature Joshua Bernstein’s latest, “The Complete Beer Course.”

And now, I have two new books to read – the brand new “Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.,” by Ken Grossman and “The Pocket Beer Guide: The Essential Handbook to the Very Best Beers in the World” by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb.

I have been waiting to read Grossman’s book on the history of Sierra Nevada. Grossman, the owner and president of Sierra Nevada, has been part of the craft beer world longer than anyone and he has seen the industry grow from its infancy to what it is today. I can’t wait to sit down with a few Sierra Nevada beers and drink in this book this weekend.

“Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company,” is available online and in bookstores and costs $24.95.

As for “The Pocket Beer Guide,” I’ve always been fans of these kind of books. I love going through them to see what the authors think of the beers I have had and compare our opinions and I always find more beers I want to try.

“The Pocket beer Guide” features 3,000 different beers. I’m sure there will be plenty of beers in there for me to try to find.