Grief from the Left

Rob Meltzer

AJA this morning was reporting on the newest Obama problem–a threat from the left flank. Yesterday, our puppet Karzai announced he didn’t want to finalize his accord with the United States until after the next election in Afghanistan in the spring of 2014. From the yelps that evolved, it suddenly became clear that the agreement Kerry is negotiating isn’t being submitted to the Senate for ratification. According to the the Regime, it’s not a treaty, so that pesky Democrat controlled Senate has no say. The authority for the Regime’s position is that this is how it was done in Iraq, and this is being done under the Regime’s power as commander in chief, so Congress need not weigh in, or the Senate. Hold the phone. There were plenty of folk who weren’t happy with the Iraq arrangement, which has become a disaster. And then there was the Obama declaration that he could attack Syria on his own. And then we had the idea that Obama by presidential fiat could order insurance companies to keep existing policies in place, under the notion that “how to execute” is a presidential function (which makes even Bill Clinton cringe), and now we have the idea that any agreement with Iran or Afghanistan aren’t treaties? Of course they are. No doubt. And the growing frustration with the new imperial presidency is substantially a bipartisan howl. Even the Obamanauts seem to be getting concerned by the notion that Obama has no checks on his power.