The New Racism, Part 47

Rob Meltzer

No doubt, the death of Kendrick Johnson in a Georgian high school gym was a tragedy. But what has become an even greater tragedy is that way that every American death now warrants a news blitz, in which the death of every black teenager is exploited as a racist event. Rushing to the scene of a tragic accident involving a gym mat and a pair of sneakers? Well, Sharpton of course, and, now, according to the AP, “the Florida attorney who represented Trayvon Martin’s family…[who]…took up the Johnsons’ cause…” Notwithstanding video evidence that Kendrick Johnson was alone in the gym when he fell head first into the mats and suffocated, we have the wailing parents who says “I want the world to know what happened to Kendrick. I want the world to know what these animals did to our child.” These people don’t need a lawyer–they need a shrink and a grief counselor, but its so much better for the news feed to turn a tragic accident into a racial episode on par with Martin’s death following his assault on George Zimmerman, a cracker, according to Martin. The only thing missing is Obama jetting in from Hawaii to demand mat control. But what’s also missing is anyone in the so called liberal media taking a firm position that this is not a racist incident and shouldn’t be treated as one  for political fodder in an election year.