Renegade rancher Cliven Bundy says God told him to wage war against the feds

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Mount Shasta Herald

Ever since his racist rant of a few months ago, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has faded from the spotlight — even on Fox News Channel.

Much of America seems to have concluded that this would-be hero to right-wing extremists is just a crazy old coot.

But Bundy is mounting a new effort to endear himself to the masses: He’s claiming that he’s an agent of the proverbial Man Upstairs.

HERE‘s the story:

Anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy explained to members of the Independent American Party (IAP) over the weekend how God had guided him into a showdown with armed federal agents in Nevada earlier this year.

Bundy, who quit the Republican Party to join the IAP, told members at a summit in St. George that militias and other people had come to support him during his standoff with Bureau of Land Management agents because they had been “spiritually touched” by God, according to The Spectrum.

“Let me tell you about the standoff,” he recalled. “That’s where, we the people, faced the guns of the United States bureaucracy… You know on the morning of that standoff, I only sort of received a couple of things from our Heavenly Father.”

Bundy said that God had told him that he was supposed to ask a local sheriff to disarm the federal agents.