Big surprise: Fox News doofus blames Obama for death of U.S. general in Afghanistan

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Steve Doocy, one of the dimmer bulbs on Fox News Channel (a distinction not  easily achieved), is RESPONDING to a tragedy in Afghanistan exactly as he would be expected to:

There was a tragic incident just outside Kabul yesterday at the National Military Academy of Afghanistan, where a man dressed in Afghan military uniform opened fire. At least 15 were injured and at least one American was killed: two-star Major General Harold J. Greene, who was there to help train Afghan soldiers…

In an unusually callous display, Fox News’ Steve Doocy thought this morning would be a good time to suggest President Obama deserves the blame for the violence and Greene’s death…

Does Doocy, or any other Republican for that matter, seriously believe that if Obama had committed to an indefinite war in Afghanistan, attacks like these wouldn’t happen? The way to prevent violent deaths in Afghanistan is for Obama to declare a war without end?