USED CARS: Cure for the Male Midlife Crisis Under $75k

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
  • Hit the gym and move some iron on a consistent basis for a three-month period.
  • Get a tan -- a real tan -- in the sun; no fake ‘n’ bake and preferably with sand between the toes.
  • Get a girlfriend. If you are already married go ahead and get a girlfriend, anyway. Just make sure that she is your wife.
  • I am hesitant to use the next one because it can go either way and you have zero control over it. Have a grandchild. While I am way too young to have grandchildren, the boys and I have loads of fun together and they keep me feeling young.
  • I saved the best and most successful cure for last. Get an earth shattering automobile. If you like old cars, then get an old car but I am talking about a modern marvel of an automobile with around 500-ponies that you can jump-in and go to Anywhere, USA on a moments notice, fast.
used cars

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