More evidence about Benghazi emerges, undermining GOP dreams of an Obama scandal

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

It probably won’t dissuade the scandal-mongers on the far right of the Republican Party from pursuing their widely debunked case against President Obama with regard to the Benghazi matter, but new information has EMERGED:

A new book from five commandos who were guarding the CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya on the night of Sep. 11, 2012 claims that a U.S. official gave a stand down order that prevented forces from rescuing U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, who along with three other Americans, died in the attack.

But rather than buttressing long-standing Republican claims that the Obama administration bungled the operation (and later sought to cover it up for political purposes), the revelation highlights how far GOP efforts to tie the president and his closest advisers to the terrorist attack in Benghazi have fallen.


The story undermines the conclusions of various government reports — from both the administration and Congress, which found that no such stand down order was given — and even if true, lacks the explosive punch Republicans have promised.