White evangelicals tend to think they face more discrimination than blacks

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Mount Shasta Herald

Members of four certain groups of Americans — blacks, Hispanics, white evangelicals and Catholics — tend to think that people in their own categories face more discrimination than members of the other groups.

Such are the findings of a new poll from the Pew Center. Whether these survey results suggest a spread of what some sociologists call a culture of victimization is an open question, I suppose, but they’re certainly interesting.

The story is HERE:

While 61 percent of Hispanics say “there is a lot of discrimination against” blacks, 71 percent say the same of themselves. In addition, significantly more white evangelicals see themselves as being discriminated against (50 percent) as say the same about blacks (36 percent) or Hispanics (32 percent).

And while Catholics are less apt to see discrimination against their own, fully 33 percent agree that they face “lots” of discrimination. No other group sees Catholics facing even close to that amount of discrimination.