In his bid to become president, Scott Walker flips and flops all over the place

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

In the presidential campaign of three years ago, Mitt Romney set a new standard for political flip-flopping — all to no avail, of course.

But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker seems not to be discouraged by Romney’s electoral failure in that regard. Rather, Walker is borrowing a page or two from the Romney playbook, as we see in THIS PIECE from a Republican publication:

In the span of just a few weeks, Walker has apparently flip-flopped on a number of issues.

On the issue of immigration reform, Walker reversed his position and now doesn’t support a pathway to citizenship like he said he did in 2013. On Monday, Walker signed into law right-to-work legislation despite saying in 2012, “I have no interest in a right-to-work law in this state.” But immigration and right-to-work are not the only issues one which Walker has reversed his position lately. The pro-Renewable Fuels Standard position that he took at the Iowa Ag Summit is also new.

Mitt Romney was labeled as a flip-flopper because he changed his position on abortion (another issue Walker has received grief about lately) in advance of running for president in 2008, but Walker is making Romney look like a model of consistency.