New Year's wishes


By Molly Brown and Sherry Ackerman

We editors of the Community Sustainability column wish all our readers a peaceful and fulfilling New Year. Instead of New Year's resolutions (so quickly forgotten), we would like to share our wishes for the world and our community in the New Year.

In 2016 and beyond, may we create a world in which:

¢ˆthe people and governments of the world, at all levels from national to local, unite to truly address climate disruption, its human causes and its effects;

¢ˆsystemic racism is dismantled, so everyone feels safe and valued wherever they go, whatever their skin color, ancestry, religion, or culture;

¢ˆeveryone has sovereignty over their bodies and health;

¢ˆeveryone is paid a living wage for their work;

¢ˆthe health and well-being of people and the natural world take high priority over corporate profits;

¢ˆmilitary interventions and warfare are shunned, replaced with communication, conflict resolution practices, compassion, and the sharing of resources with those in need;

¢ˆrestorative justice replaces punishment in schools and communities;

¢ˆwe all make conscious choices in how we live, what we buy, and what we throw away, based on the health and well-being of all;

¢ˆgreed gives way to concern for the common good, benefiting everyone;

¢ˆanthropocentricism disappears as we recognize the rights of ecosystems and natural communities to live and thrive;

¢ˆwe recognize the sentience of all living things and their participation in eco-systematic health and well-being;

¢ˆwe become sufficiently empowered to see things as they are… and to speak those truths;

¢ˆwe move through a Great Turning to a Life-Sustaining Society.