No arrests after DEA action in Mount Shasta

Skye Kinkade

Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration served a federal search warrant at The Green Heart Medical Marijuana Collectives in both Mount Shasta and Anderson last week.

Gina Munday, CEO of The Green Heart, said agents entered her Mount Shasta store sometime before 9 a.m. by prying open the front door and breaking the door jamb when no one was present.

No arrests were made at either location, said Casey Rettig, special agent with the DEA’s San Francisco office. Rettig said she couldn’t provide further details or discuss what was seized, as the documents related to the warrant are under court seal.

Munday called the experience “very disturbing,” and said the DEA confiscated “all the patients’ medicine,” as well as the store’s computers, security cameras and some of her files.

“They turned the store upside down... files were poured out, dirt was on the floor... all the damage was not necessary.”

Munday also alleges that after the raid, bills were missing from the Meals on Wheels Auxillary donation jar that was sitting on the front counter. “There were $10 and $20 bills in there, and they are gone. I am just disgusted.”

Munday said she doesn’t know what the agents were searching for, but said “whatever they took, we are confident that The Green Heart has nothing to hide.”

Munday said she believes the raid had something to do with her “ongoing legal battle with the city of Anderson.”

According to online Shasta County court documents, Gina Munday and her husband, Joe, are appealing a decision to shut down their Anderson storefront after the Anderson City Council approved a prohibition on medical marijuana dispensaries through a city zoning code.

A jury trial is set for December, according electronic court records.

Munday said after this experience she has made the decision to keep her Anderson store closed until the legal battle can be resolved, but said the Mount Shasta store is restocking and is open for business again.

Rettig said an investigation is ongoing but would provide no further details.

The Siskiyou County Marijuana Eradication Team assisted in the Mount Shasta operation, said Lieutenant Bucky Jefferson, but he referred questions to the DEA.

Sheriff Jon Lopey said the DEA asked the Siskiyou County Narcotics Interagency Task Force for assistance. Two members of the MET team also helped serve the warrant, Lopey said.

Mount Shasta Police Chief Parish Cross said his department was notified prior to the raid but did not participate.

The Green Heart and a second marijuana collective are allowed in Mount Shasta City under conditional use permits approved by the Mount Shasta City Council, Cross said.

Since opening in August of 2009, Cross said there haven’t been many calls for service at The Green Heart. There was one theft committed at the store in 2010, but two suspects were apprehended about a month and a half later.

“We’re very sorry for any discomfort the situation has caused local patients,” Munday said. “We are just here to provide safe access for patients... We’ve been here nearly three years, and other than the theft, we have had no problems. We’re in good standing with the local police and the local people. I love it up here... we’re quiet and discreet.”