Pipe bomb found on tracks

Deborra Brannon

A pipe bomb was discovered next to the railroad tracks along Sacramento Avenue in Dunsmuir Saturday.

According to the Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Allison Giannini, a citizen in the area reported seeing the device at about 1 p.m.

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said sheriff’s deputies isolated the scene, established a safe perimeter, and conducted some limited evacuations when they responded to the area where the improvised explosive device was discovered.

Union Pacific Railroad was contacted as well and told that railroad service in that area was temporarily unsafe, Giannini said.

“We called in our department’s explosive ordinance disposal technician, Deputy Bob Buker,” Lopey reported. “He safely and successfully recovered the device and exploded it in a safe location.”

By 4:30 p.m. the incident was over, Giannini said, and Union Pacific was told railroad service through the area had been deemed safe.

According to Lopey, the case is currently under investigation and there are “very few leads” at this time.

He said investigators examine the peculiar aspects of the bomb’s construction, look for trace evidence, and examine the bomb’s components.

Sheriff’s deputies will also attempt to obtain witness statements, Lopey said.

Giannini said her department does not receive very many reports of explosive devices, but she advocated caution.

“Any time you see a suspicious device or container, do not touch it. Contact the Sheriff’s Office or your local police department so it can be identified and, if necessary, disposed of safely and appropriately,” she said.