Mount Shasta man arrested for possession of child pornography

Skye Kinkade

A man suspected of uploading child pornography from his Mount Shasta home was arrested earlier this week after the Mount Shasta Police Department received a cyber tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on Sept. 13.

Bradley Stilley, age 56, was arrested after a search warrant was served at his residence at approximately 7 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 23, according to MSPD Lieutenant Joe Restine.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Stilley was no longer an inmate at Siskiyou County Jail in Yreka. His bail was set at $35,000.

Through the MSPD’s investigation, it was determined that the uploading happened from an unmarked address in the alley behind 305 Russell Street, said Restine.

Along with the assistance from forensic examiners from the Sacramento Internet Crimes Against Children task force (ICAC) and a deputy from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, MSPD served a search warrant at the residence, Restine said. More than 10,000 suspected child pornography images were identified and seized.

Restine explained that the ICAC task force is a division of the Sacramento High Tech Crimes Task Force and they are experts in the field with the most up-to-date databases, technology and equipment to accurately identify child pornography. As a participating member of ICAC, the MSPD gets about one tip a year.

When they receive a tip, Restine said, it is the department’s job to investigate potential crimes, since the tip only gives a general vicinity from which the illegal activity may be taking place.

Officers must write a search warrant to discover a suspect’s IP address, which gives a better estimate of the location, sometimes resulting in handing the information over to another department if it does not fall within the jurisdiction of the MSPD. After that, officers must identify a suspect and find probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the particular residence.

Investigators then serve the warrant and confiscate electronics, which are searched onsite and later forensically scoured to reveal any illegal images or videos.

Stilley was booked into the Siskiyou County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography with a special charge of possessing more than 600 images.

Restine said there may be “considerably more” images found by the time the investigation is complete.

Restine added that Officer Walter Moore did an impressive job in conducting his investigation as well as coordinating interagency operations.

This case is still under investigation and anyone with further information is encouraged to contact Moore at (530) 926-7540/Case Number 19-6212.