Dunsmuir Brewery Works - Memphis Style Pulled Pork Sandwich

Lauri Sturdivant

Dunsmuir Brewery Works - Yunny Memphis Style Pulled Pork Sandwich

Opps!  I was really hungry and dug into my sandwich and ate the entire salad forgetting to take the picture first. As you can see I barely touched the German Grose. That's how hungry I was!  It was very good!

One of my favorite eateries in South Siskiyou County is the Dunsmuir Brewery Works. When I ate there about a month ago I had my go to meal, a burger and a beer. I told myself I would order the Memphis Style Pulled Pork Sandwich the next time I went. When DBW first opened they didn't even have a burger on their menu so I usually ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was always a flavorful sandwich that I wanted to eat again. I went south on Sunday with a friend and remembered (lol) that I wanted to order the pork sandwich. It was even better than I recalled. The meat was cooked nicely with nice smokey BBQ flavor. I think they added some carmelized onions to sweeten the BBQ sauce, too.

My friend had the Seafood Louie Salad with trout they smoke themselves. My friend said the salad was 'perfectly dressed with the perfect amount of dressing.' I can agree with that. When eating out I often order dressing on the side to avoid having a salad drowning in dressing. At DBW for the side with my sandwich I ordered a green salad with tomato vinaigrette dress and it had the perfect amount of dressing on it.

The beer menu had many interesting options. To accompany my sandwich I had the German Gose beer, which was refreshing crisp with citrus undertones...delicious!

Dunsmuir Brewery Works is a family owned micro-brew pub serving very tasty food in the charming historic district of downtown Dunsmuir. Their menu focuses on lunch and dinners with daily specials. There is live music most weekends. The venue is family friendly, even the patio is dog friendly. Now that it's summer they are open 7 days a week.