Taco Combo Lunch at Casa Ramos in Mount Shasta

Lauri Sturdivant

Every meal at Casa Ramos begins with warm salty tortilla chips and spicy housemade salsa.

This week I joined my daughter and our friend 'Teacher Chris' for lunch at Casa Ramos in Mount Shasta. They have a standing lunch date every Tuesday, this week they invited me. Since they both only get a one hour lunch good food with efficient service is important to them. They eat at Casa Ramos about once a month.

Our server was efficient and very sweet with a good sense of humor. When asked what was on today's Lunch Special (they used to one) he grinned and laughed telling us "It's all special." It's an old line, but he was having fun with it and so did we. I think happy server makes the food taste better.

Marco's Mother Eleodora, Marco Ramos, Marco's Father, Justino Ramos with Marco's Sister Blanca

Coming from Mexico City in 1982 Marcos went to work for his cousin in their family restaurant in Seattle. Like many restaurant owners Marco started his career as a dishwasher and moved his way through the food service operations learning how to run a successful restaurant business. In 1997 Marco Ramos opened his first restaurant in Yreka in 1997 calling it Casa Ramos, "House of Ramos."  His goal was to create a family friendly eatery where all are welcome to enjoy the warm hospitality of Marco Ramos and his family. Soon after opening the Yreka restaurant he opened the Mount Shasta restaurant located at 1136 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd. There are now 14 restaurants throughout Northern California.

For Lunch Today we all ordered our varieation of the Taco Combo.

My family and I have been eating at Casa Ramos since they built "the new Mexican restaurant" named for Marco Ramos and his family after Marilyn's burned down. Marilyn's served a great breakfast and lunch from a horseshoe shaped counter and there was the landmark wooden buggy parked out front.

The food at Casa Ramos is constantly good, service is right on and the food is well priced. Casa Ramos is family friendly with options for vegans and vegetarians. Casa Ramos is one of our favorite places for birthdays and family dinners.

Casa Ramos has a full bar with a nice list of Tequilas and Mexican beers. The outside patio is a comfortable place to eat and watch the world go up and down the boulevard... weather permitting. 

JoAnn (2016), Carly (2012) and Shelly (2017) donning the Birthday Sombrero at Casa Ramos in Mount Shasta.

Taco Combo - I choose one shrimp, one steak taco Mexican rice, rancho beans with sour cream and rich creamy guacamole.

Casa Ramos Taco Combo for Lunch with Shelly and Chris

Shelly had one shrimp and one steak taco "Please, hold the cilantro" with refried beans; Chris had one shrimp and one chicken taco with refried beans, and I had one shrimp and one steak taco with rancho beans. We all agreed the shrimp taco was a nice alternative to a meat filling and we all enjoyed the meat tacos, too. Chris said. "It was delicious! Not as heavy as some Mexican food can be." Consensus was that we would order the Taco Combo again! We had a lovely meal like only good friends can with lots of laughter and good stories. The server kept our water glasses full at just the right time.

Tip: Street Tacos, is typically the more traditional Mexican style taco that I eat when I'm in Mexico. With street tacos you get the fillings served in two small soft corn tortillas. The best way to eat these is to separate the two shell and enjoy your taco allowing the filling to fall out on to the second tortilla...now you have two delicious tacos! Or you can do what I do and just make two tacos to start off. There will always be filling that falls out because that how you know it's a good taco.  

Casa Ramos Taco Combo comes with two tacos of your choice of filling, sour cream, guacamole, rancho or refried beans, and rice.