The Dough Hook - Sweet Cup Cakes and Crusty Bread

Lauri Sturdivant

The Dough Hook is the county's newest bakery located at 5853 Sacramento Ave in Dunsmuir. I finally got down there after lunch with my friend Lindsay Budner at The Wheel House we walked next door to The Dough Hook to check them out. I enjoyed speaking with Jennifer Garcia about her and husband Marc's journey from growing up in South Siskiyou County to opening the bakery. After graduating from Mount Shasta High School they moved to Portland to attend school getting degrees in bakery management and culinary arts. Their goal was to get the education needed to return home and open a bakery. They have begun their dream! 

Jennifer told me they have many goals for expanding their menu offerings, but right now they are going to move forward as they are able making wise business decisions so they can be successful in the long haul. Right now it's just Jennifer and Marc doing all the work. He bakes the breads and she makes the cakes. They also sell croissants, pastries and coffee. 

Cinnamon Rolls! I didn't try them on this trip, but I will next time.

Three Seed French Style Baguette - crusty on the outside - soft in the middle

I bought a Three Seed French Style Baguette. It was crusty on the outside and soft an chewy in the middle. I tried it first simple with a little pat of butter and it satisfied my love of crusty bread. Marc is the bread maker and has perfected this French style recipe. He also makes an Olive Chibatta Bread and a Challah that has become quite popular. All good reasons to stop by and try something new.

Cupcakes...Carrot with frosting and a walnut, Lemon with buttercream frosting and Chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting.

I also bought three cupcakes, Carrot Cake, Lemon and Chocolate. I took the cupcakes for dessert with my daughter and 'Teacher Chris.' We all liked the carrot cake the best, but it's also one of our favorite cakes. We agreed the lemon cupcake was moist and lemony, but the frosting was a little too buttery and could have been sweeter. That didn't stop us from eating every last crumb. The chocolate cupcake was moist and chocolatey. This nice thing about all of the cupcakes is that they weren't overly sweet, I appreciate that they are moist flavorful cakes.  The cupcakes and cakes are all gracefully decorated. They will write on cakes making them personal for birthdays and other celebrations.

The Dough Hook is only going to get big better as this young couple gets the support of the community to grow their business and perfect their recipes. I am looking forward to my next trip to The Dough Hook!