Nature's Kitchen - A Happy Place!

Lauri Sturdivant

In September Nature's Kitchen will celebrate 21 years under the ownership of Flannery, Cliff and Patty. Nature's Kitchen was an established business before they purchased this sweet little café, bakery, vitamin store and gift shop located in the old brick works building at 412 S. Main St. in Yreka. I had my first meal there in the early 2000's and have been eating there ever since. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every visit.

Nature's Kitchen is located at 412 S. Main St. in Yreka.

The décor is a colorful as the menu. Mexican oil cloth covers the table as Golden Pothos wind through the ceiling's wire grid where striped and polka dot socks seemingly grow.  More plants occupy corners and walls around the dinning room as 'demon chasers' from Bali sail overhead. The walls are lined with candles and other gift items. The dining room is cheerfully sunny and bright.

I often plan my Yreka trips so I can have lunch at Nature's Kitchen, as I did last week. I ordered the Asparagus Quiche that comes with soup, salad or chips; I chose a crisp green salad with house made Honey Mustard Dressing. Everything is house made from the dressings to the soups even the bread. You can eat in or take out with a varied menu from salads, sandwiches, baked goods and cheesecake.

Homemade French style Asparagus quiche and a crispy green salad with honey mustard dressing. A perfect lunch! 

Flannery sat down with me and graciously answered all of my questions. She is quite proud of the work they do, the way they prepare and present their food. She told me the kitchen is a happy kitchen. They want to work in a positive environment and they also want that for their customers and staff. They spend as much time..if not the cafe than their home and want to enjoy it.

Flannery told me Cliff apprenticed under French baker while going to university in Northern France. That explains why the quiche crust is buttery and flaky, and the filling eggy and fluffy. It's a deep dish quiche like you'd get in Paris cafe.

The philosophy at Nature's Kitchen is to do what's right for the environment and their customers so they source as much as possible locally and use non-GMO and organic whenever they can. They are already serving bio-gradable paper straws. They were one of the first restaurants in Siskiyou County to offer eco-friendly to-go containers. As soon as the research came out about the bad stuff in Styrofoam they found earth friendly containers and they are probably the first to have bio-gradable straws. 

Check the Daily Menu Board for quiches, daily specials, desserts  and cheese cake - All made in house!

The menu has a nice selection of salads and sandwiches including Wild Salmon, Portobello and a variety of quiches that all come with your choice of sides of soup, salad or chips.

The menu at Nature's Kitchen has plenty of vegetarian options with some vegan and gluten free dishes.

The Cafe serves lunch Monday thru Saturday from 11:00 till 2:30. The store and bakery are open from 8:00 till 5:30 Monday thru Friday. Saturday from 9:00 till 4:00. Espresso and bakery items are served all day.

the gift shop area has a lovely  selection of cards, scarves, handbags and clothing for all ages.

The cookies and sweet treats sell out early. Don't forget they have cheesecake!

The gift shop has something for everyone! They also have one of the best selections of vitamins in the North State. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help you get just what you need. They sell hair care products, potions and lotions for your body. Stop by to grab a healthy snack from their bulk bins and a cold juice or yerba mate from the refrigerator case. 

Check out the bakery shelves. I love the Lemon Bar. It's sweet, tart, lemony goodness on a butter shortbread cookie. They were sold out so I  took an oatmeal, raisin, coconut cookie home. It is big enough to split four ways. It was chewy goodness!  The cheesecakes are  house made and one of their best sellers. They serve espresso beverages throughout the day and their coffee is rich and bold, just how I like it!