Seven Suns - coffee + breakfast burrito

Lauri Sturdivant

Seven Suns operates out of one of the beautiful stone houses you will see around mount Shasta city.

I met my friend Brenda Eastman for coffee at Seven Suns Coffee & Cafe at 1011 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd., which is one of the most popular coffee spots in Mount Shasta. I met up with my friend Brenda to catch up and hear about her trip to England. Brenda and her partner recently returned from a 10 day trip to London and surrounding communities.

I figured this would be a good time to check out the Breakfast Burrito that several of the people I've interviewed for The Bill Plate have recommended. TheBreakfast Burrito at Seven Suns is a favorite food of Kendra Bainbridge, owner of Raven Tree. 'My absolute favorite breakfast dish is Seven Suns Veggie Burrito, substitute tofu for the eggs and nix the cheese,' states Vegan Mom, Kristin Allen.

order at the counter and you'll get a number for your food

I like the coffee at Seven Suns. If memory serves, Has Beans Coffee & Tea opened a coffee shop and roasters the mid 1990's before moving to Chico. I remember the smell of coffee beans roasting at the southern end of town. I love the smell! Seven Suns continues to sell Has Beans Coffee & Tea.

The breakfast burrito comes with a side of salsa

We ordered our drinks and a Breakfast Burrito with bacon to share. The eggs were nicely cooked and still moist. The bacon was cut into more of a crumble which made it kind of salty when I got that bite. The salsa is a fresh mild to medium tomato based salsa. All of the shredded potatoes were in the bottom of my half of the burrito. It would have improved the saltiness and taste of the burrito if the fillings were spread evenly throughout the burrito. It seems to be the case with restaurant burritos they just don't take the time to have the interiors evenly distributed. Brenda and I were busy catching up so I didn't ask her if she got potatoes. That said it was a good breakfast burrito.

I'll plan ahead the next time I go to Seven Suns and bring my own cup and quarters for a San Francisco Chronicle. I do my best to avoid single use paper cups and was told they no longer have ceramic mugs available for on-site consumption. The barista refused to give me change for a dollar so I could purchase a paper.