Etna Farmers Market + Swiss Chard with Vinegar

Lauri Sturdivant
<p class="">Etna Farmer's Market is open June to September for shoppers to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and more.</p>
<p class="">The Etna Farmer's Market has something for everybody.</p>

The Etna Farmers Market is run by friendly farmers and vendors selling homemade pies and jams, organic fruits and vegetables, pottery, organic meats, flowers and body products grown and produced in Scott Valley. They are open from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays from June to September. The market is located 514 N Hwy 3 on the east side of Dotty's.

The market has something for everyone. On one of our visits my granddaughter and her friend bought raspberry pinwheels from Grain Street Baker and succulents from the 'Pie Lady.' My daughter bought a garlic braid from Sugar Creek Farms. I bought organic peaches from Hunter Orchards.

This trip I got Swiss chard, zucchini, a beet from Dede and, of course, peaches from Hunter Orchards. I'll grate the big beautiful red beets for salads. My daughter will get the skin, top and bottom to dye some eggs for an art project. I will sauté the beet greens in a little olive oil and garlic. I'm looking forward to making noodles with the zucchinis I purchased from Les at Starlight Farms, in a Buddha bowl. I'll share the recipe after I perfect it.

<p class="">These juicy peaches are ready to right now or slice and serve with cream or ice cream. No need to add sugar.</p>

To savor the sweet juicy peaches, I gentle scrub the fuzz off the skins. Cut the peaches in half, remove the pit and grilling them. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. For a rich simple dessert sprinkling slices with a little cane sugar and splash of cream.

The market requires shoppers and vendors to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart. Hand sanitizer is available throughout. Many vendors have someone dealing with produce and another person taking the money. The market accepts SNAP benefits. Bring your own bags. Contact them about curbside pick-up and Harvest Boxes. Visit their website, or Facebook page.

After going to the market we went for a bite at Denny Bar Company - review is pending- then to Catherine Elroy's art studio/sale. It's a short walk to 608 Main St. where Cathy has set up an arts fair booth in her yard. look for the ART sign. Cathy's work is colorful and whimsical. A feast for your eyes.

<p class="">Fresh Swiss chard - don't over cook the stems and you will have a colorful side dish..</p>

Sautéed Swiss Chard with Vinegar  


1 bunch Swiss chard

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 large shallots - sliced

2 garlic cloves - grated


2 tbsp Sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar


Wash the Swiss chard and remove the stems then slice into 1' pieces. Tear leaves into 2" pieces.

Add chard stems and shallots to a pan with the oil on medium-high. I cook these in my Dutch oven. Sauté about 2 minutes stir as needed to prevent burning. Turn the heat to medium low and add the chard leaves and garlic, season with salt. Cook and toss until leaves are tender about 3 minutes. The stems should have a little crunch and the leaves tender. Do not over cooked. Take the pot off the burner toss with vinegar. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed.   

<p class="">Chop, grate and slice all the vegetables before you begin cooking.</p>
<p class="">Saute the stems and shallots until they are tender, but still retain their color and have some crunch.</p>
<p class="">I made this in my dutch oven. If you are using a skillet you will need to add the chard leaves in batches. It cooks down quickly.</p>

Add an egg and have Swiss Chard for breakfast