Superintendent Michelon leaving for Anderson job

Ami Ridling
Mike Michelon announced he is resigning from his positions as superintendent at Dunsmuir, McCloud, Grenada and Hornbrook Elementary districts to take a position in Anderson. His final day will be April 22.

By Ami Ridling

Mike Michelon has announced that he is resigning from his positions as superintendent at Dunsmuir, McCloud, Grenada and Hornbrook elementary school districts to take a position in Anderson.

After five years of service as Dunsmuir Elementary School superintendent, Michelon announced last week that April 22 will be his final day.

He said he has accepted a superintendent position for the Cascade Union School District of Anderson, which has 1,400 students in three elementary schools and one middle school.

Although he referred to the transition as “a favorable career move,” Michelon said that the Dunsmuir Elementary School District’s talented faculty, terrific students, and extraordinary leadership of principal Kale Riccomini will be difficult to part from.

“I will miss the friends that I have made and the people that I have worked with,” Michelon said. “These friendships will endure forever. These are people that I have a lot of respect for; they do great things for the kids.”

Michelon noted that some of the school’s most rewarding accomplishments over the past few years have been the implementation of several programs which will benefit the students for years to come. Among them are the Galileo program, which is designed to track student progress, and Fast Tracks, an academic intervention program.

During his employment with the district, Michelon has been a strong supporter of professional development among faculty, and always sought out training programs to keep teachers abreast of innovative instructional strategies, explained Riccomini.  “He will definitely be missed. He has been a great mentor for me, and he was always supportive of new ideas,” Riccomini commented. He added that Michelon’s years of administrative experience and his commitment to putting the best interest of the students above all else have been a powerful asset to the district.

When Michelon resigns this month he will also be leaving behind the Grenada, McCloud and Hornbrook school districts, where he has served as superintendent for many years.

A temporary DES district superintendent will be hired for the remainder of this school year, Michelon said.

“I was given a gift to work with a lot of great people and to get to know a lot of great kids. I want to thank all of them — including all the boards that I have worked with. I wish them all the luck in the world,” said Michelon.