'Great potential' seen in Jefferson grads

Skye Kinkade
Jefferson High School graduate Kismet Prosper smiles as she accepts her diploma from teacher Tim Loughlin during the June 9, 2011 graduation ceremony at Mount Shasta City Park.

Ten Jefferson High School students were honored on Thursday evening during a special graduation ceremony held at the Mount Shasta City Park.

To begin the ceremony, Principal Ed Stokes asked the graduates sitting on the stage to take a moment to look over the audience.

“Most of them have big grins on their faces, looks of happiness, or surprise, or maybe even relief,” he joked.

He became serious when he told each of the graduates they have great potential, urging them to explore their world and take chances.

“You are all unique, powerful people who are only limited when you put limits on yourself,” Stokes said. “Don’t let the fear of failure stop you.”

Following Stokes’ welcoming speech, student speaker Kismet Prosper had her turn with the microphone.

She talked about starting high school in fear of the older students and finishing with an excited exclamation of, “We did it!”

Upward Bound scholarships were presented by Dodi Dickson and Stephanie Wroten. Kismet Prosper, Scott Spaulding and Mariah Shaffer each received $250 scholarships to help them fund their future college educations.

To end the ceremony, Jose Bautista, Shane Lyons, Sarah Manley, Chelsea Noverr, Siobhan Parkhurst, Kismet Prosper, Mariah Shaffer, Scott Spaulding and Kymberlyn Stover-Hillenburg crossed the stage to accept their diplomas from Siskiyou Union High School District board members Lori Harch, John Hines and Linda Wallace, much to the delight of the audience.

Jefferson High School graduate Mariah Shaffer shows her excitement and waves her newly earned diploma in the air as she thanks her family and friends for helping her on her way to graduation during a ceremony at the Mount Shasta City Park on Thursday, June 9, 2011.