April 1 forum topic: 'Education funding reform' threat to Dunsmuir High

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Grim faces were all around when Dunsmuir High School Superintendent Len Foreman, far right, reported during the March board of trustees meeting on changes to school funding proposed in the California 2013-14 budget. Foreman said the proposed changes threaten the school's "necessary small school" funding status, and if they become law, the State could close the school. A community forum is scheduled for April 1 at DHS to discuss the situation.

Dunsmuir High School superintendent/principal Len Foreman sent out an email today encouraging participation in a community forum scheduled for April 1 at DHS.

"As many of you are aware," Foreman wrote, "DHS, as well as 11 other Siskiyou County Schools, is facing closure if the Governor's education funding reform is passed as it is currently written.

"Please come to our forum to hear details about the Governor's proposal, the impact it will have upon our students and community, and how you can help. We will have sample letters for people to sign as well as bullet points for people who wish to write their own letter."

Foreman said a letter of support was received from Congressman Doug LaMalfa, and State Senator Ted Gaines is sending a representative to the forum.

Also planning to attend, according to Foreman, are Siskiyou County Superintendent of Schools Kermith Walters, District 1 Supervisor Ed Valenzuela, County Board of Education Trustee for Area I Harriet Alto, and Dunsmuir Mayor Chris Raine.

"We have been working with Dave Walrath (Small School District Association) and Kevin Gordon (President, Capitol Associates) to make our voice heard in Sacramento. However we will need all of your support in order to save local education," Foreman wrote.

As a way of thanking participants, Foreman said a free dinner prepared by Dunsmuir High School's award-winning Culinary Arts class will be offered to all those who attend.