Elementary School tile wall is colorful fundraiser

Skye Kinkade
Parents Jasmine Borgatti and Jenelle Walker – Better known as “The J Moms” stand in front of the tile mural completed last week in front of Mount Shasta Elementary School’s bus bench. The wall is the product of their fundraising and brought about $5,000 to the school, they said.

They’re nicknamed “Team J Moms” because of the energetic commitment they have to Mount Shasta Elementary School – volunteering, attending board meetings to advocate for their kids, and raising funds for school activities and classroom enrichment.

Jenelle Walker and Jasmine Borgatti saw the fruits of their labor last week, when a tile wall was finished over the bus benches at the north end of the “Little White School.”

Each child created a tile of their own, and several local businesses and families donated to the project, which raised approximately $5,000.

Parents were also able to purchase items made with the tile designs, including mugs, magnets, ornaments, water bottles, cutting boards, cards, and more. (Orders can still be placed online and proceeds will still go to benefit MSE.)

Of the $5,000 profit, each grade got an equal share of the spoils, Walker and Borgatti explained.

“It turned out better than I ever imagined,” said Walker, who has a first grader and two younger children who will soon be students at MSE.

Borgatti has a daughter in first grade and a younger son. The two have been best friends for several years and share a passion for keeping the school successful and open.

Local businesses who contributed to the wall are: M&T Lumber, Siskiyou Medical Group, Shasta Vortex, Dignity Health, Shasta Family Care, Mount Shasta Tire, Mark Clure, A Cut Above, Kiwanis, Doris Moss, Alliance Properties, Snow Creek Studios, Brooks Complete Auto, Jon Thomas Jewelry, and Sportsmen’s Den. Solano’s contributed all the mortar, grout, screws, hardware and trim to create the colorful wall. Walker’s husband, John, set the tiles and hung the wall last week.

Several families purchased extra tiles, including the Davis Family Trust, the Borgattis, the Klebigs, the Centenos, the Workmans, the Aratas, the Tsasdis, the Cohens, the Parks, the Crawfords, the Chandons, the Johnsons, the Buckles, the Walkers, the McFalls, the Chitwoods, and the Ferraris.

Most of the money raised through the project was from donations, said Walker.

Though they would be interested in doing the wall again next year, they are hoping for more support, since the project was time consuming.

“Keep it up!” said MSE maintenance supervisor Leo Escarcega, who enjoyed his last day on the job last week. “It’s a great project.”

J Moms used the company SilverGraphics to make the tiles and the other products.

If you’re interested in ordering something with your child’s logo, go to www.silvergraphics.com and click on “online orders.” Then enter username MountShasta and password 501CEDAR in the box that says “School Gallery Orders.”