Dunsmuir superintendent spreads ALS challenge to peers

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Dunsmuir High School senior football team members dumped two big buckets of ice and water on superintendent-principal Ray Kellar Aug. 29 outside the school as part of the ALS ice bucket challenge.

At the end of Friday’s hydro challenge pep rally at Dunsmuir High School, superintendent-principal Ray Kellar accepted an ALS ice bucket challenge and passed it on.

Kellar took not one, but two big buckets of ice and water from behind, delivered by senior football players Shawn Adams, Tommy Stibi, Hunter Kirch and Chase Sordahl.

Afterwards his voice squeaked momentarily as he started to address the gathering of students, teachers and fans.

Before his icy shower, Kellar challenged all other superintendents to take an ice bath and make a donation to ALS.

Before that, he emceed the school’s first outdoor pep rally, which featured fall athlete and cheerleader introductions and a series of events put together by the ASB, all involving water.

“You could get wet; you could get drenched; you might need a life vest,” Kellar warned before the War with Water game, which was a wet variation on the card game featuring students vs. teachers.