Weed Elementary students treat Habitat volunteers to homemade lunch

Liz Pyles
Weed Elementary School students work with teacher's aide Eriksson Bioso March 30, 2017 preparing food made from scratch by the cooking class for volunteers who are in town working on Habitat for Humanity houses. By Liz Pyles

Donning aprons and plastic serving gloves, 10 Weed Elementary School students served a homemade lunch Thursday for volunteers working on Habitat for Humanity houses in Weed.

Coming in from the cold, volunteers enjoyed pulled pork sliders, potato salad, beans, and brownies in the cooking classroom at the school.

“This is awesome!” said volunteer Casey Cobb. “I’ve never heard of students going out of their way for strangers. I think it’s really sweet... and delicious.”

Casey is one of 11 students from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Wash., who are taking an “alternative” spring break in Weed to work as volunteers on homes being built for residents who were adversely affected by the Boles Fire in 2014.

Volunteer Alma said the food was good after they have been mostly eating sandwiches for lunch.

Cooking class students in grades 6-8 cooked the day before and made everything, even the rolls, from scratch. They heated the food and set up the classroom for the volunteers shortly before they arrived at 1 p.m.

Serving the food were several cooking class students and the school’s Green Team, a group of WES students involved in recycling and community service.

Eighth grader James Bradford said he liked serving the food because he likes helping people.

Eighth grader Dominic Hall and seventh grader Brenna Smith said they were excited to serve the people.

Mary Guerra, a sixth grader, said it felt good to feed the workers, and she hopes they get the house built.

After finishing serving, sixth graders Jorge Arguello, Jessiah Vogel, and Diego Avila spent some time asking the college students what college is like.

Team advisor Anna McNamara said college students taking an alternative spring break choose to give back to the community instead of going on a vacation or going somewhere to party.

Also enjoying Thursday’s meal were longtime Habitat for Humanity volunteer Bob Buckner, construction coordinator Pat “Oly” Olson, and volunteer coordinator Brenda Duchi.

Cooking teacher Bobbie Hall and cooking class aide Eriksson Bioso, who is also a Green Team advisor, helped the students cook and get prepared for the volunteers.

Hall said the cooking class meets every day at WES.

Jorge said he likes the cooking class, because he likes eating. “We learn how to make food in here. It’s fun.”