Women's leadership seminar coming to region in October

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Mount Shasta Herald

Di Strachan of Mount Shasta is one of four trainers who will be offering several days of leadership training for women Oct. 19 to 22 at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

The Women with Wings Leadership Seminar will also feature LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion, a national leadership consulting firm that uses movement and embodiment techniques to help leaders build confidence, resiliency, and executive presence to reach their potential, according to a press release.

The other two trainers are Sherrie Frank, program director for Wings Seminars, a personal and professional effectiveness training program operated by La Clinica, and La Clinica CEO Brenda Johnson.

The four facilitators, together, have led hundreds of personal and professional development seminars and workshops.

“Women continue to be an exciting and untapped resource in leadership positions in business and community work,” says Strachan, owner of Positive Futures, a northern California leadership development and marketing company. “Often, we see female leaders emerge after they feel more confident, are inspired, and get the coaching needed to learn and practice some hard-core leadership skills.”

A full list of seminar skill development opportunities can be seen at: www.wings-seminars.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/www-skill-development-opportunities.pdf

LeeAnn Mallorie “will weave unique movement and leadership embodiment exercises throughout the seminar, including body language awareness and movement techniques that strengthen executive presence and authenticity, reduce burnout, and cultivate emotional resilience,” as stated in the release. Leading in Motion’s clients include NASA, Mattel, Shell, Lexis Nexis, and Colgate. A video of Mallorie’s approach can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbTvKKUZA1g.

For more details about seminar facilitators, see:

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Nancy Swift of Mount Shasta, executive director of Jefferson Economic Development Center and host of the Women’s Business Center, says, “Women in business are leaders. They lead in their own lives, for their staff and customers, and for the communities they do business in and support. Building capacity as great leaders and managers helps strengthen the bottom line, builds more confidence to make the brave moves we have to make every day, and fresh skills relieve the stress of managing. I recommend any business owner or manager to consider taking the Women with Wings seminar with one of JEDI’s longtime trainers, Diane Strachan, and the Wings team, as it will offer great support, speed up our learning curve, and prepare us well for our next big steps.”

For more information about registration, go to: www.wings-seminars.com/women-with-wings-leadership-seminar/