$68,450 in local scholarships awarded to MSHS grads

Skye Kinkade
Mount Shasta High School seniors Mackenzie Armstrong and Dominic Tognolini each snagged Ford Family Scholarships, while Monica Grady, right, has been awarded the Ford Sons and Daughters Scholarship of up to $5,000 annually. The Ford Scholars Program was created by Roseburg Forest Products owner Kenneth W. Ford to assist students who otherwise would find it impossible, or at least very difficult, to obtain a college degree without financial assistance. The scholarship award is not a set amount, but is calculated to cover 90 percent of the recipient’s college costs. The Sons and Daughters program is for dependents of Roseburg employees. Mackenzie, who is the MSHS Class of 2014 salutatorian, will be attending UC Irvine to pursue a degree in business administration. Tognolini is going to Humboldt State University next year to study kinesiology, and Grady will attend Cabrillo College near Santa Cruz to major in nursing.

A quarter of Mount Shasta High School’s graduating class will pursue their educations at four year universities next year, said counselor Barbara Porteous.

More than half of the class will be attending a community college, mostly College of the Siskiyous, in the fall. Five percent plan to attend a trade school, and eight percent are enlisting in the military. Eight percent are planning to work or travel next year, said Porteous.

Several of the 84 soon-to-be graduates were recognized with scholarships and awards Thursday as part of the school’s Awards Night.

A total of $68,450 was awarded in local scholarships, said Porteous, and nearly $110,000 institution scholarships were reported by families, though she’s sure there are more that weren’t reported to the school.

Twenty-three seniors received Cal Grants.

“Depending on which type, A, B or C, monies range from $1,473 to $12,192, depending on the institution they attend. Many students who qualify for a Cal Grant also get receive the Federal Pell Grant which is up to $5,645 a year,” Porteous said.

It was announced that Kevin Axelrod and Aimee Langston will serve as co-valedictorians at the school’s June 13 graduation. Mackenzie Armstrong is the class salutatorian.

Following is a list of scholarships and awards presented at the May 29 event.


Association of California School Administrators, $500 – Tori Hansen

Campbell Timberlands Management and Bascom Pacific, $1,000 – Kathryn Andrus

Campbell TC&I, $1,000 – Wesley Navarre

College OPTIONS Scholars Scholarship, $4,000 – Sydney Morris

College OPTIONS Cash for College, $1,000 – Tommy Hake

College OPTIONS FDN High School Scholarship, $1,000 – Hamedo Mohamad

COS Foundation Harry Crebbin, $500 – Alex Peruzzi

COS Foundation Gus Breschi Memorial, $500 – Alex Peruzzi

Ford Family Scholarship, averages $8,000 annually – Dominic Tognolini and Mackenzie Armstrong

Ford Sons and Daughters Scholarship, up to $5,000 a year – Monica Grady

Gubetta/Luperini Scholarship – Tori Hansen ($4,000), Katie Reinig ($3,000), Kathryn Andrus ($3,000)

James Eller Memorial, $500, Wesley Navarre,

Jantzer Scholarship, $500 – Sara Thornton and Josh Aguirre

Joe Blevins Memorial Scholarship, $500 – Brandon Acord

Knights of Columbus Gino Marconi Scholarship, $700 – Paige Hough, Mackenzie Armstrong

Knights of Columbus Wildcard Scholarship, $700 – Dominic Tognolini

Legacy Athletic Award, $1,000 – Daylon Blakely

Mercy Mt. Shasta Health Care Career Scholarship, $1,000 – Aimee Langston and Tori Hansen

Mt. Shasta Elks Lodge, $750 – Leah Maumasi

Mt. Shasta Memorial Merit Scholarship, $1,000 – Aimee Langston, Kathryn Andrus, Tori Hansen, Mackenzie Armstrong, Kevin Axelrod, Daylon Blakely, Bryce Sampson, Mark Bekstrom, Tommy Hake

Mt. Shasta Rotary, $2,000 – Tori Hansen, Kelsie Titus. Alternate – Kathryn Andrus

Mt. Shasta Youth Sports, $500 – Daylon Blakely, Sydney Morris, Kathryn Andrus

Ray Chiment Pepsi, $400 – Daylon Blakely

Robert McGregor, $500 – Wesley Navarre, Tori Hansen

Sally Garcia, $500 – Dominic Tognolini, Sejay Sarti

Scotty Valley Bank, $4,500 – Alex Peruzzi

Shasta McCloud Management Unit, $500 – Sara Thornton, Wesley Navarre

Siskiyou Medical Group, $400 – Paige Hough

California Women in Timber, $1,500 – Sejay Sarti

Siskiyou Junior Golf, $500 – Mackenzie Armstrong, Wesley Navarre

Institution Scholarships

University of Portland Presidential Scholarship, $81,000 – Katie Reinig

Siskiyou Mt. Archers, $250 – Mackenzie Hunt, Sean Hughes

Brigham Young University Provo, $10,000 – Kathryn Andrus

UCLA Scholarship Recognition, $1,380 – Aimee Langston

UC Grant, $7,320 – Aimee Langston

Northern California Scholarship Foundation, $32,000, Aimee Langston

Whiton Family Scholarship, $100 – Aimee Langston

Fort Lewis College Scholarship, $8,000 – Sydney Morris


Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and President’s Award for Educational Excellence, seal – Josh Aguirre, Chet Bolstridge, Sydney Morris, Drew Wertzberger, Aimee Langston, Kathryn Andrus, Tori Hansen, Mackenzie Armstrong, Kevin Axelrod, Daylon Blakeley, Bryce Sampson, Mark Bekstrom, Tommy Hake

College OPTIONS ETS Senior Recognition – Kathryn Andrus, Josh Aguirre, Mark Bekstrom, Chet Bolstridge, Kim Eblen, Tommy Hake, Harrison Keane, Sydney Morris, Colin Paisley, Audra Parkin, Spencer Posl, Weston Stroud, Drew Wertzberger

Mt. Shasta Kiwanis Key Club, medallions – Kathryn Andrus, Violet Bolstridge, Tori Hansen, Autumn Heie, Amanda Skinner, Paige Hough, Mackenzie Hunt, Aimee Langston, Sydney Morris, Katie Reinig, Dominic Tognolini

Mt. Shasta Rotary Interact Club, stolls – Kelsie Titus, Sydney Morris, Mackenzie Hunt, Katie Reinig, Tori Hansen, Dominic Tognolini, Kathryn Andrus, Violet Bolstridge, Aimee Langston