DHS grads leave with more than $145,000 in scholarships

Kurt Simon
DHS grads clap during their graduation ceremony on Friday evening as the class is presented by trustee Norma Clemons.

Exuberant young men, women and families of Dunsmuir turned out to witness their high school graduating Class of 2014.

The evening began with opening words by Principal/Superintendent Ray Kellar and a 20 minute film which depicted many of the special times and personal relationships of this year’s class.

But certainly the highlight of the evening, to the parents and graduating students, were the generous and numerous scholarships provided by local businesses, families and foundations in the area.

Some of the larger scholarships, including The McConnell Foundation Scholarship which went to Joseph Campbell, received loud applause and recognition from those in attendance.

Tayler Shuler received what some call a “full ride” from Grand Canyon University, worth nearly $65,000.

Shuler was one of the first of many student speeches given throughout the evening, and her’s was also a goodbye as she leaves the area. “I know that no matter where I go, I will remember where I am from and the friends I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned that make me who I am today,” she said.

Chris Headley received loud applause when he thanked the one person who has meant the most in his life thus far, his mother.

He then spoke of not always reaching your goals because life has a way of intervening. “The truth for most people is that you can’t always plan for success but need to keep striving for it. In life, you just can’t let the brick walls and slips define who you are.”

After the ceremony, Kellar said he had a “tremendous first year as administrator” and praised Dunsmuir’s Class of 2104 as a “great group of graduates. This was a stellar year with over $145,000 worth of scholarships earned by our graduates. We anticipate hearing some great things in the next few years about these graduates and their futures in the world!”


Upward Bound – Tayler Shuler, $750.

Ron Dolf Memorial Scholarship – Brian Taylor, $250; Alex Hagge, $250; C.J. Palmer, $500.

Joe Blevins Memorial Scholarship – Brian Taylor, $500.

Ladies of the Elks – Corinn Webb, $500; Chris Headley, $500.

Blakely Scholarship – C.J. Palmer, $500; Ryan Edwards, $500.

Dunsmuir Garden Club – Chris Headley, $250.

Shasta Mountain Archers – Tayler Shuler, $500.

Eagles – Brian Taylor, $500.

Siskiyou Medical Group – Chris Headley, $400.

College Options – Alex Hagge, $4,000.

The McConnell Foundation – Joe Campbell, $30,000.

Grand Canyon University, four years – Tayler Shuler, $64,000.

Andrew University, Michigan, four years – Lilah Saverimuttu, $30,000.


Scholarship Fund

Rose Ellis – Brian Taylor, $1,000; Fawn Gooch, $1,000.

William Petty – Ryan Edwards, $750.

Charles and Elizabeth Windall – Joe Campbell, $750.

Rotary Club – C.J. Palmer, $1,500.

Lawrence and Barbara Stewart – Luis Rodriguez, $1,500.

John and Charlette Samuelson – Tayler Shuler, $2,000.

Reva Coon – Lilah Saverimuttu, $2,000.

George Harrison – Chris Headley, $2,000.