Dunsmuir students recognized for academic achievement

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Due to COVID-19, Dunsmuir High School held their traditional Tiger Awards virtually last week, recognizing the academic success of its students.

“We are absolutely proud of the way our students responded to the transition to the distance learning and continued to excel in academic areas,” said principal Ray Kellar. “These students should all be proud of the accomplishments that they have achieved, and now that the community of Dunsmuir and Dunsmuir High School are truly proud and impressed with the diligence and effort that was put forth to complete the difficult course work in an extremely difficult situation.”


• Culinary arts/food service

Winner: Maia Wilson; Jack Beukelman, Sydney Palmer Ella Rohde

• Business application

Winner: Carlos Flores; Sarah Davis

• Science 9/10

Winner: Jack Beukelman; Marianna Hines, Aeristyne Riede, Ella Rohde

• Science 11/12

Winner: Zakk Powell; Judah Jerue

• Social Studies 10/11

Winner: Irene Myers; Jack Beukelman, Tabitha DiDomenico, Zakk Powell

• Social Studies 12

Winner: Maia Wilson; Naomi Johnson, Sydney Palmer

• Spanish

Winner: Noah Snell; Hunter Birimisa

• Drama

Winner: Zakk Powell; Carlos Flores

• English 9/10

Winner: Tabitha DiDomenico; Hunter Birimisa, Izick Hernandez, Marianna Hines

• Information/technology

Winner: Marianna Hines; Gaberial Hernandez, Izick Hernandez, Jasper Mitchell

• Trapnell Service and Leadership

Winner: Carlos Flores; Naomi Johnson, Sydney Palmer, Zakk Powell

• World cultures and the arts

Winner: Sydney Palmer; Daniel Gollas, Joseph Melton, Ramon Villela-Strandberg

• English 12

Winner: Naomi Johnson; Sydney Palmer, Maia Wilson

• English 11

Winner: Zakk Powell; Sarah Davis, Johnathan Helweg

• PE 9

Winner: Marianna Hines; Gaberial Hernandez, Izick Hernandez, Jasper Mitchell

• PE 10

Winner: Jack Beukelman; Hunter Birimisa, Myka Penacho

• Robotics

Winner: Sydney Palmer; Stephen Duarte, Joseph Melton

• Math 9/10

Winner: Marianna Hines; Hunter Birimisa, Izick Hernandez, Noah Snell

• Math 11/12

Winner: Sydney Palmer; Joseph Melton, Zakk Powell

• Digital art certificates

Certificate of participation: Trevor Clark, Ashanti Hodges, Kimberly Irwin, Jaylynn Joaquin; Honorable mention: Stephen Duarte, Elias Wilson, Maia Wilson