Cell tower proposal in Mount Shasta raises concerns

Skye Kinkade

Some Mount Shasta residents are mobilizing opposition to a T-Mobile wireless communication facility proposed along the railroad tracks near Everitt Memorial Highway, between Butte Avenue and Ski Village Drive.

The facility would include a 90 foot tower, disguised as a tree, within a 575 square foot fenced enclosure along the McCloud Railroad right-of-way, according to the notice of intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration from the Siskiyou County Public Health and Community Development Department.

The public review period, during which the county collects comments from the community, began July 20 and will end on Aug. 20.

A date for the Planning Department’s public hearing on the facility has not been set, according to the notice of intent.

According to the project documents, which can be found online at www.co.siskiyou.ca.us/PHS/planning/publicdocuments.aspx, the facility would initially include a single equipment shelter, utility cabinets, a 100 watt outdoor site light, and nine panel antennas mounted at 85 feet. Areas would be available within the facility to allow additional carriers to co-locate.

Mount Shasta residents are calling attention to the proximity of the newly proposed facility to Mount Shasta High School, which is approximately 685 feet away, as well as several nearby homes.

They also worry that the presence of such a facility will impact the visual beauty of Everitt Memorial Highway and impede future development of a “Rails to Trails” recreation area along the abandoned McCloud Railroad tracks.