Although community weed pull event was canceled, you can help anytime

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Karen Poore, Sisson librarian, and Rebeca Franco, director of the Mt. Shasta Community Let's Pull Together event, pulling Dyer's woad and tarping it because of the seeds.

Although the annual Let’s Pull Together event has been canceled due to COVID-19, organizer Rebeca Franco said people can still help eliminate invasive weeds.

The goal is to rid the Mt. Shasta area landscape of the invasive weeds so they don’t take over the landscape, said Franco, who organizes the Mt. Shasta Community Let’s Pull Together event each year.

Invasive weeds that should be pulled include Scotch and other brooms, Dyer’s woad (also known as Marlahan mustard), Himalayan blackberry and sweet pea.

However, Franco cautioned the public not to pull bitterbrush, which is a native shrub that deer browse on. The bitterbrush’s yellow flowers are pale compared to Scotch broom, Franco explained.

With both Scotch broom and Dyer’s woad, the roots must come out to eradicate the plant. If the tops fo the Scotch broom are only cut, it will trigger a hormone that will armor it and next time, pulling it out will be more difficult, said Franco. The easiest way to ride the area of broom is to pull it out with a vehicle, using a chain or strap.

“Short of that, using a shovel works or an extractigator (weed wrench), if you have access to one,” Franco said.

If there are seeds associated with these plants, even if they’re immature, they must be bagged or put in a burn pile, Franco added. If no seeds are evident, then pull the plants and leave.